Why Companies Should Force Employees to Unplug

I personally know many people who cannot make themselves disconnect from their work in social settings, always having one eye on their phones. In this trying economic time it is important to work extra to ensure job stability; also recent graduates (Me…soon!) are trying to make an impact on the companies they work for, and a significant way to stand out is to get to work early and leave late. I found it inspirational that Volkswagen has implemented a new policy limiting work-related emails outside of work hours. I agree with the statement “If people are drained and getting burned out, they are not bringing their best selves to work every day. It has a big effect on their creativity, their energy, their productivity and their ability to innovate.” Taking breaks from work and stress is one of my life guidelines.

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It is quitting time, and you know the drill. You grab your coat and slip on your Bluetooth for a quick call with a client on the commute home. You stop at the grocery store and, while you are in line, pluck out your BlackBerry to respond to emails. You arrive home, sit down to dinner and try hard to resist the flashing red light on your smartphone. Dinner is done: Time to check your email again, clear the dishes, and sit on the couch for some TV — with your computer on your lap, of course. Just a few last emails and then it is time for bed. You will soon wake up to do it all over again tomorrow.

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