“Social media is the most comfortable way for people to get information,”

Time.com used to have a ‘Poll-of-the-Day’ and I always participated; the polls varied on pop-culture, politics, the environment and more. Polling through social media sites will expose many people who don’t ordinarily participate in polls, and thus creating a larger audience polled, increasing conclusive results.


What do you think is the best way to track public opinion?

A) Conduct a poll based on a random sample.

B) Create an online poll and post it on Facebook, Twitter, or a blog.

C) Ask a Magic Eight Ball.

Most people would choose A. But in the past year and a half, some startups are going with B. It’s called social polling — soliciting quick feedback from social media followers to find out what they think about hot-button issues.

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Two social polling companies that have launched in the past year — Quipol, founded by Max Yoder, 23, and GoPollGo, founded by Ben Schaechter, 23 — argue that the new ways people are using technology call for new ways of tracking public opinion. A study by Pew’s Global Attitudes Project published in December reported that…

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