Big fan of Calvin and Hobbes, I have read every strip so many times I have them all memorized, own all of the comic books, but wow that is a lot of money for a watercolor illustration of a comic.


Bill Watterson may have given his Calvin and Hobbes book collections prestigious-sounding names like Indispensable and Authoritative as a joke, but in 2012 his cartoons are fetching fancy fine-art prices.

This past Wednesday, a 13″ x 10″ watercolor and ink illustration was auctioned. It featured Calvin and his best friend/stuffed tiger Hobbes taking a nap on a lazy summer day (probably before a water-balloon fight with neighbor, and arch nemesis, Susie Derkins).

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The nostalgic image sold for $107,550, the Washington Post reported. That’s more than $50,000 more what the low presale estimate was when it was first put up for sale by Heritage Auctions. The painting was previously owned by historian Rick Marschall, and his name along with the words “komic konnoisseur” are inscribed in the print.

Since Watterson almost never does interviews, we don’t know what he thinks of the sale…

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