I am a big fan of Microsoft! Don’t get me wrong, Mac’s are cool and pretty, but I grew up with the microsoft operating systems and I have loved it all (except vista…). I am so excited to see Windows 8; and it sounds like Microsoft has been busy and ambitious. “[Windows 8 is] the most radically new version of Windows since Windows 1.0.”


Last September, Microsoft showed off Windows 8 in public for the first time. One glance at the operating-system upgrade–heavily influenced by the company’s inventive Windows Phone–was enough to tell you that it was the most radically new version of Windows since Windows 1.0.

Back then, one glance was all that most people got. Microsoft released a rough draft of the software, but it distributed it only to developers, not to everyday folks who wanted to see the future of Windows looked like for themselves.

Today, the company is back with a further-along draft of Windows 8 that it’s calling the Consumer Preview–and this time, everybody’s invited. If you’re interested enough in operating systems to install one that’s still a work in progress, you can download this version for free and install it on any computer that’s capable of running Windows 7.

Even if you’re just as happy to…

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