I would like to try this for Lent next year! She is very inspirational in the way she speaks about God. He is extravagant, He is rich (like chocolate hehehe).

Meet the Buttrams

There is a new theme to Lent this year. I’m not sure how I got tangled up in it.

It is the theme of extravagance. Indulgence, even, if I should be so bold.

An old youth pastor from my hometown summed it up best with this Facebook update:

In the past, I have “given up” something for Lent; chocolate or coffee; Dr. Pepper or social media. And I learned tremendous things during those times. Lent is most definitely an appropriate time to practice self-denial in search of the Someone who truly satisfies.

But this year, there has been a shift. And this year, I need this shift.

At the beginning of Jesus’ ministry, some of the religious leaders questioned why Jesus and His disciples were not fasting on the Sabbath, as was the tradition. Jesus replies (Mark 2.19), “Do wedding guests fast while celebrating with the Groom? Of course not…

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