Rush Limbagh is a JERK!

File this under: Rush Limbaugh is a jerk. I think that democrats and republicans alike are horrified by the statements he has made, but what’s worse is what it implies. Limbaugh is proud of his ignorance, and that is my least favorite trait a person could posses. Read this TIME article, and the New Yorker one too


Lets not backtrack people.


It’s been another busy week for the male guardians of women’s bodies. We had the multimarried Rush Limbaugh attacking Georgetown law student Sandra Fluke, who had testified to House Democrats on behalf of women in need of contraceptive coverage. While she did not speak at the actual congressional hearing about the health-insurance debate, Limbaugh still took time to call her a “slut” and a “prostitute” and later suggested that women who avail themselves of government-specified birth control should be required to videotape themselves in flagrante delicto for all those hardworking (presumably male) taxpayers to enjoy.

(MORE: Limbaugh’s Rant Isn’t Just Ignorant, It’s Terrible Politics)

After a month of increasingly intrusive attacks on the female body from Republican presidential candidates — and most recently from the state legislatures of Virginia and Texas — it’s clear we’re dealing with something more dangerous than mere policy debates. This is open…

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2 thoughts on “Rush Limbagh is a JERK!

  1. I’m not religious, but let me just say “Amen!” Although “jerk” doesn’t seem adequate to describe what Limbaugh actually is, though when you said he’s “proud of his ignorance” you were on the right track. 🙂

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