I want a Microsoft Surface so bad! I just got Windows 8 on my desktop and am absolutely enthralled with it! The Surface lends itself into a new category altogether. Tablets already were a hybrid laptop/smartphone. Moore’s law is true. Technology is rapidly increasing in performance!


When Microsoft first demoed Windows 8 at the Wall Street Journal‘s D Conference in June 2011, it was instantly obvious that it wasn’t a Windows upgrade in the conventional sense. Instead, with its radically new, touch-centric interface, it was an attempt to reimagine the PC for the post-PC era. A wildly ambitious attempt — maybe even a visionary one.

But for all Microsoft’s power and influence over the PC industry, it was in no place to reinvent the PC single-handedly. Sure, it could write a new operating system. It could also make suggestions to its hardware-manufacturing partners, But it couldn’t, you know, try to build the PC of the future.

Except that it did.

In June of this year, the company unveiled Surface, a pair of tablets it designed from scratch. (One, Surface with Windows RT, runs Windows RT, the version for devices based on ARM technology…

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