Have you heard of Shopkick? “Treat yourself”


For most consumer-focused apps, a redesign can be a daunting experience. If users don’t love it, a startup must either go back to the drawing board or stick with something and hope that users will eventually respond positively. And then there are the rare cases when usage explodes following a redesign. Shopkick says it is experiencing that moment, following a complete redesign of its mobile shopping app in October.

For background, Shopkick’s free mobile app for iPhone or Android rewards consumers for walking into the store. The app uses proprietary technology that involves in-store hardware that emits an inaudible signal that gets picked up by the shopper’s mobile phone. Shoppers are also rewarded for other actions, such as scanning barcodes or trying on clothes, for example. Shopkick’s retail partners include big names like Target, Best Buy, Macy’s, and others.

Engagement with the app, says founder Cyriac Roeding, has skyrocketed since…

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