The never-ending shift in news/video recommendations. Trending: Taboola!


Taboola had a banner year in 2012, serving nearly 1.5 billion video recommendations per day by year’s end. With all of its growth in video recommendations, the company also grew revenue by more than 750 percent in 2012. The startup now sees a huge opportunity to move on from recommending videos to tackling content of all types.

The new product might seem a little counter-intuitive, considering recommendations for text articles have been around for decades, and there are no shortage of companies trying to tackle that problem. The difference, according to Taboola CEO Adam Singolda, is that it’s gone beyond just providing contextual recommendations to now also bringing in technology that it used to improve its video product and applying it to text articles.

Video recommendations can be a tough nut to crack, especially compared to text. That’s due mainly to the lack of good metadata around video. Without it…

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