Personally, I retired my laptop at the end of college. My brother, Charlie, built me a beautiful desktop computer to replace it. In addition to that I have an iPhone and a Kindle Fire. Each device has a different purpose and I still use them all for a significant part of every day. I agree with Bajarin in his hypothesis that the PC industry has more and more ground to loose. “Last year, sales of desktops and notebooks were off between 5-7% depending whose numbers you look at.”


Personally, I believe change is good. If I look at the history of the computing industry, I can point to countless changes and paradigm shifts that led us to where we are today. However, most of the change we can point to have been more evolutionary than revolutionary. Most of the change we’ve seen hasn’t been disruptive—until now.

The PC industry is observing one of the most significant times of change it has ever seen. If I am being entirely honest with myself, I do not believe every company will survive this disruption, or at least continue in their current form.

The State of the PC Industry

For years, the PC industry, which we would classify to include desktop and notebook sales at a worldwide level, was growing. It was growing anywhere from 5-12% percent annually over the last 5 years, and in its early days it grew over 30%…

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