Loose Thoughts on Youth and Age

Loose Thoughts on Youth and Age

“There are reasons why older is not necessarily wiser. You’re never more open to  new experience than when you’re twenty. After that, the need to make money, the  fear of having no work, the demands of children, the sense that the world is  moving in strange new directions, the appearance of unfamiliar forms of  expression that inevitably seem less wonderful than the ones that changed your  life when you were twenty cause the aperture to slowly narrow.”

From the standpoint of someone who is younger, I highly identify to this article. Perhaps there is not so much of a dichotomy between generations… While I do have shameful cultural interests (*cough cough* the Kardashians), much of my cultural interests stem from older attractions. I am still so open and influenced by the pop culture around me but sometimes I can be as closed-off as the next person.


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