Truly an innovation to help out the small fish in the ocean of social media! Hopefully this tool will prove fruitful for brands and businesses in promotion, sharing, and analytics!


Small businesses and new brands are mere sardines in the ocean of social media. But a school of small fish is much more powerful than a lone minnow, which is why Saber Blast, a new alliance marketing tool, has launched out of beta.

The service lets any brands sign up and join forces with other companies and brands, by RT-ing and re-sharing social media content. The idea is that a service like Airbnb, a home-sharing marketplace, would pair well with a Lyft or GetAround, other peer-to-peer services focused on transportation. The products overlap in the sense that travelers need both lodging and transportation, and customers are bound to be more comfortable with peer-to-peer services, yet these companies don’t directly compete.

Saber Blast would then allow Lyft and Airbnb, or whomever, to form an alliance, wherein they would RT and re-share eachother’s content across their own social media channels. Users…

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