About Me


I live in the beautiful Pacific Northwest and attended college at Western Washington University. I received a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration with a Marketing concentration.

My personal and professional interests vary and include the following: communications, business development, news, politics, economics, environmental science, camping, hiking, volunteering, music and reading. This blog is intended as an all-encompassing hub that collects my thoughts on my varied interests.

Media that I often frequent are: NPR, Time Magazine, NY Times, Politico, National Geographic, The Washington Post, Ted Talks, The Seattle Times, Outside Magazine, The Economist, Mashable, Forbes, KUOW, Marketplace, Freakonomics Podcasts and BBC World News to name a few.

About me: I am ambitious and creative. I love being involved in activities, clubs, fundraisers, and events, as well as community services. During my college years I participated in the leadership of three student run clubs, worked as a volunteer and held four marketing internships. I currently work in branding and communications for a local business. I have an avid interest in communications and branding, and am passionate about many realms of business. I welcome an ever-developing network of people who have similar interests as I do. I embrace creativity and thinking outside of the box. I welcome challenges and praise inspiring experiences.


3 thoughts on “About Me

    • Hey! Yes I remember your blog, it’s very inspirational! I am graduating in December, although it really hasn’t hit me yet! Santa Clara is an awesome school, I know a few people who went/still go there! I liked your page on Facebook 🙂

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