Now that I have a career in the hair & beauty industry, many of my posts will relate to what I am learning, trends, and anything I find interesting! This Elle article on hair care is something I truly take to heart! (I actually just bought KĂ©rastase Initialiste just a week ago!)

“How to get the best hair in the world: tips, products, and techniques to make locks long and lustrous.”



Virginine Courtine-Clarins Skincare Routine

Virginine Courtine-Clarins Skincare Routine

I am a big fan of Clarins! This Into The Gloss feature is very interesting! Enjoy 🙂
“My grandfather used to say makeup was amazing, but if you don’t treat the base, makeup doesn’t help you. You need to have a perfect skincare habit, and then the makeup can help you to improve, to show a little bit more of your eyes—just you, in a better way.” –My thoughts exactly!



Taylor Swift: Whole Lotta Love

Taylor Swift: Whole Lotta Love

“With multiple Grammys, more than 22 million Twitter followers, and sold-out shows for the tour that starts this month, not to mention a bevy of ridiculously handsome ex-boyfriends, Taylor Swift is the pop star that makes everyone swoon. She opens up about mean girls, fame, and all that love.”

Taylor is continuously reinventing her look; maintaining the ‘America’s Sweetheart’ title while investing in some couture looks!