Disaster Foretold

20151107_irm920Last month, The Economist posted an article about El Niño and the how the offsets of the disasters can be deceiving when it comes to preparation, especially for poor countries.

“El Niño sees warm water, collected over several years in the western tropical Pacific, slosh back eastwards when winds that normally blow westwards weaken, or sometimes reverse. America’s National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration says this year’s Niño could be the strongest since records began in 1950.”



The Struggle of Our Time: Human Nature vs. Mother Nature

720x405-GettyImages-482741006Today The Atlantic features an article that shares predictions of terrifying intolerable living situations due to climate change, and suggests that at the Paris talks this December a consensus needs to be made before it’s too late. “Human inertia will continue challenging Mother Nature, without apparent concern for the fact that nature always wins.”