Next Weekend: CCL Regional Conference

Finding common ground: inspiring, educating and collaborating around effective climate action

I’m pleased to share that next weekend, March 4th & 5th will be the 2017 Greater Pacific North West Regional Conference – and guess what… I will be a guest speaker!

Citizen’s Climate Lobby advocates for national carbon fee and dividend legislation. This conference will inspireĀ attendees to build political will for a livable world.

I will be facilitating a workshop onĀ social media: how we can increase our presence online and shape the argument to move the needle on climate issues.



Ten Clear Indicators that Climate is Changing

Today, some politicians and influential leaders have the public confused about the facts about climate change. Climate Reality has helped by putting together 10 graphs that outline some of the most basic climate trends for the naysayers. If data is your friend, these graphs will be beneficial to you!