Fish Farming… WHAT?!

A good alternative to the environmental challenges that come with raising livestock is land-raised fish. It is not only an answer to the world-wide fish shortage, but also solves many of the urgent issues that farmers and indeed the world face, a few of which are listed below:

  • Eco-friendly ✔
  • New jobs ✔
  • Cost efficient ✔
  • Economic viability ✔
  • Local ✔
  • Sustainable ✔
  • Fresh & healthy food ✔

This relatively new method, Recirculating Aquaculture System: RAS aka land-based closed-containment system, has gained popularity in recent years and has been featured on Fast Company’s “The World Changing Ideas of 2017.”

This win-win-win system boasts many positives:

“Imagine a world where our primary protein source wasn’t environmentally damaging factory farms, but these eco-friendly, land-based fish tanks. Instead of being served antibiotic- and hormone-laden portions of pork, beef, or chicken, people would have access to fresh fillets from a process that obviates the need to dose away sickness, or artificially spur growth rates.

Fish isn’t just an alternative protein; it’s a better one, with less saturated fat than beef, and high levels of omega-3 fatty acids, which help control blood pressure, cholesterol levels, and inflammation. There’s also way less of it in the ocean these days. More than 90% of all fisheries are fully exploited or overfished. That’s caused the availability of many species to simply collapse.”


Book Report: Boomerang

58905a1d444db99566542d2e8a24Everything from doomsday naysayers to eccentric millionaires that stockpile gold, Michael Lewis will take you on a compelling trip around the world into the finances of governments in dangerous and powerful positions, and how they got there. A subject that normally does not attract a wide-ranging audience, Boomerang delivers a colorful illustration of the rise and fall of economic and financial realities that shook nations and is still affecting the outcome of our world market today. I highly recommend Boomerang to anyone who enjoys a quick, entertaining read.

Better Ways to Pay for College

20150822_LDC481The Economist outlines two of the 2016 presidential contenders’ plans on fixing the “paying for college” problem.

“America’s presidential primary campaigns are proposing serious ideas for how to deal with real economic problems. High among them is how to fix the country’s broken system of university finance.”

Migrants vs. Refugees, in economic terms

AsylumMarketplace shared a fascinating segment about the migrant vs. refugee crisis in Europe.

Refugee: is someone who “[has] to leave their country for fear of prosecution of who they are, race, religion, politics… [they feel they are] in danger”

Migrant: is someone “chooses to move, seek a better job, better schools for their kids, better life…”

Tracey Samuelson roughly breaks it down to 2/3 are refugees and 1/3 are migrants in the current European crisis.

Squad Goals: Kai Ryssdal

54caa1df51062027081eef93_imageThere is something to be said about a radio host that captivates an audience at the level that Kai Ryssdal, host of Marketplace from APM, does. I have listened to Marketplace for approximately six years and every time, whether the features are of interest to me or not, I find myself truly engaged.

I read this article 2 years ago (surprising for me because I seldom read Vanity Fair) and it stuck with me, particularly his willpower with everything he does “I do not suffer fools gladly” … someone who would fit in well with my “squad.” 🙂

What You Should Know About Kai Ryssdal, Sarah Ball Vanity Fair

US Economy: The struggle has been long and arduous

“Having fought off the effects of the financial crisis, governments and central banks are understandably eager to get back to normal. The way to achieve their goal is to allow the recovery to gather strength first.”

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