Gucci 2013 NYFW Review

Gucci 2013 NYFW Review

“This is a harder, darker, more eroticized approach to fashion that involves the likes of high-necked python tees under curvaceous jackets; super-covered-up dresses that could have gone demure but decided bad was better; and a ton—and I mean a ton—of leather.”

Dark hues, leather, not to mention the classic Gucci floral pattern, all come together seamlessly for the new Gucci line.



Fall 2012’s Weirdest Runway Looks


High fashion can be quirky, and there’s no better place than the catwalk for designers to show off their artistic flair. But sometimes, even the best visionaries get carried away.


I appreciate most high fashion, in the sense that is art, and not ready-to-wear, however this would not fit into the category of ‘haute couture’ for my taste.