Thank You Marie Claire + NRDC

Fashion a Better Future for the Planet

How I feel in a word: YASSSS

When large-scale influencers take a stand to highlight important topics such as sustainability, it goes a long way. The impact that this type of focus can generate is incalculable. It’s no secret that the fashion industry by design tends to be wasteful, however, taking steps to recognize that it is an issue and changing the systematic way of thinking from the inside out is the way the fashion industry will remain a force for good. I applaud the leadership of Marie Claire for bringing this important cause to their readership!

“The Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) is working every day to safeguard the Earth: its people, its plants and animals, and the natural systems on which all life depends. NRDC creates solutions for lasting environmental change, protecting natural resources in the United States and across the globe. Its Clean By Design initiative works with major apparel retailers and brands to use their buying power as leverage to clean up the factories in their supply chains. Experts study textile mills abroad and identify simple ways to reduce pollution and cut water, chemical, and energy use while saving money.”


Spring 2013 Trends From Runway to Print

Spring 2013 Trends From Runway to Print

“Spring Has Sprung – Now that we are officially in the spring season and done with winter, we thought what better way to celebrate than look back at some of the season’s standout trends?”

These trends from Fashion Gone Rogue are hitting stores all over! Check it out!

Taylor Swift: Whole Lotta Love

Taylor Swift: Whole Lotta Love

“With multiple Grammys, more than 22 million Twitter followers, and sold-out shows for the tour that starts this month, not to mention a bevy of ridiculously handsome ex-boyfriends, Taylor Swift is the pop star that makes everyone swoon. She opens up about mean girls, fame, and all that love.”

Taylor is continuously reinventing her look; maintaining the ‘America’s Sweetheart’ title while investing in some couture looks!


Racial Diversity at NYWF 2013: Is Color Coming into Fashion?

Racial Diversity at NYWF 2013: Is Color Coming into Fashion

This season proved to be the most racially diverse ever counted. Unfortunately, the numbers are still heavily skewed in the favor of white models. Way too often in fashion, looking “aspirational” is still considered synonymous with “having white skin.” I would challenge fashion enthusiasts to look at this as a problem that we can help influence by spreading awareness.

“It’s difficult to quantify a problem like high fashion’s demonstrated preference for white skin. Race is a social construct, not a fact. And our “categories” — black, Asian, non-white Latina, and what we for lack of a better term call “other” — are not (and probably cannot be) perfect.”


Cole Haan and Tumblr Create NYFW Viral Marketing Strategy


Cole Haan and Tumblr Create NYFW Viral Marketing Strategy

Fashion has taken HUGE steps in the innovative social media industry. Cole Haan Tumblr Hashtags, and Google+ and Topshop partnerships. Exciting time for NYFW!


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