Go Solar!

5a5a5a85bCheck out this quick article from City Lab that shows what states should invest in solar panels!


Victory Lap? Final State Of The Union Speeches Reflect And Look Ahead

ap_600107054_wide-4e1663adafb87a608eef33f330ef6afc40f60a81-s800-c85In anticipation of President Obama’s final SOTU tomorrow, NPR shares an interesting look back through American history, revealing that President Obama will be the 5th president to present a SOTU to a joint member of congress in his 8th year. 5th seems low you say? That’s what I thought too… take a listen or read along and see which other presidents enjoyed this special privilege.

The Great Melting

20160109_IRM934_1 (1)“America is unusual, both for its obsession with race and for its superb statistics. Poor countries lack the means to collect precise data, and many rich ones choose not to. Some, like France, are so high-minded that they hold race to be irrelevant; in others racial censuses smell uncomfortably like fascism. A few countries distinguish foreigners from natives, though, and there the trend is mostly the same as in America.” –The Economist

Disaster Foretold

20151107_irm920Last month, The Economist posted an article about El Niño and the how the offsets of the disasters can be deceiving when it comes to preparation, especially for poor countries.

“El Niño sees warm water, collected over several years in the western tropical Pacific, slosh back eastwards when winds that normally blow westwards weaken, or sometimes reverse. America’s National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration says this year’s Niño could be the strongest since records began in 1950.”


Quartz: What the landmark Trans-Pacific trade deal really means

tpp-worldtrade-us-and-china_002Quartz shares an interesting article that visually outlines the potential of what the TPP deal can accomplish.

To put it simply:

Potential positive outcomes:

  • “[S]park economic growth in the nations involved”
  • “[P]otentially counter China’s domination of global manufacturing”

Potential negative outcomes:

  • Secret negotiations
  • “[C]ould give corporations too much power at the expense of workers and individual nations”

Better Ways to Pay for College

20150822_LDC481The Economist outlines two of the 2016 presidential contenders’ plans on fixing the “paying for college” problem.

“America’s presidential primary campaigns are proposing serious ideas for how to deal with real economic problems. High among them is how to fix the country’s broken system of university finance.”

Squad Goals: Senator Dianne Feinstein


The New Yorker featured Senator Dianne Feinstein from California regarding her self-proclaimed most important work of her career: exposing U.S. torture practices and fighting the C.I.A. and the White House. She is eighty-one, senator since 1992, the eldest sitting member of congress and is not slowing down.

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