University Experience

Professional Women’s Association

Professional Women’s Association-Marketing Officer

I became a member of this club when it started and shortly after ran for the Marketing officer position. Professional Women’s Association, PWA, is dedicated to the professional development of undergraduate women as leaders in their field and by providing the support and resources to be better prepared in more successful careers. As the Marketing officer I create the weekly flyers and advertising, and also work with the university to promote PWA.

One of the goals of the club is to bridge the gap between the material learned in the classroom and the professional workplace. PWA meetings centered on guest speakers from university services such as the career center, entrepreneurs in various business fields, to seminar series on the interview process. PWA is very active in the university community, involving ourselves in every community service activity and attending all the business fairs and dinners.

As the Marketing officer for the club I create weekly flyers to advertise the upcoming events and meetings. Also I communicate through the PWA Facebook, Twitter accounts, and The Western Front (university newspaper). Other tasks include creating pamphlets for various majors, and the characteristics and skills every student takes away. I helped in the planning of our fundraisers, Santa Pictures—we donated all money to a family in need, Relay for life, Ebay clothing give-away, and much more.

Through PWA I got the opportunity to serve in the community as a Graduation Coach at Sehome High School. This was a great opportunity for me to give back and inspire the youth through my creativity and encouragement.

Collegiate DECA

DECA- Distributive Education Clubs of America

Many people have heard of DECA. It is recognized as one of the leading professional business clubs nationally. DECA prepares emerging leaders and entrepreneurs for careers in marketing, finance, hospitality and management, also enhances the preparation for careers by providing co-curricular programs that integrate into classroom instruction, applying learning in the context of business, connecting to business and the community and promoting competition. By being a member I have leveraged my DECA experience to become academically prepared, community oriented, professionally responsible, and an experienced leader.

Weekly meetings either focus on a guest speaker, commonly a business entrepreneur speaking about their business plan and story, or a ‘mock’ competition similar to the state and national competitions. Given a business scenario students must create a solution within a time constraint, then present the information and are judged by the rest of the club.

I participated in the DECA State Competition in February 2011 and competed in the Marketing Management event. My given situation was a 50 year old potato chip company trying to appeal to a younger generation; the problem was for me to create a marketing plan for them to achieve this. I had thirty minutes, a pencil, and pages of paper, and constructed an elaborate advertising scheme, created sales and financial graphs, a slogan, etc. I was confident in my presentation. After my presentation the judges asked me questions on various aspects of my project including many ‘what-if’ scenarios; although I was nervous I tried not to show it and answered all of their questions fully. Having never participated in DECA in high school I was nervous about my placement in the event, and so it was much to my surprise and joy I received the first place award.

DECA was awarded ‘Best New Club Award 2010-2011’ by Western Washington University’s Associated Students.

Sparrow Club

Sparrow Club- Vice President and Co-Founder

Sparrow Clubs USA is a national non-profit organization of school-based clubs that assist children in medical crisis. My position in this club is to coordinate with local businesses to receive donations for the sparrow/child, and to organize community service opportunities for members.

My colleague Kaylee VanNort, and I felt a need to start a club of our own after participating in various on campus clubs so we went through the long and rigorous process of creating a club of our own. We created a documented a constitution and presented it in front of the student government, as well as receiving a consultation by the student activities advisor, and finally the orientation.

We have received two $500 donations from Puget Sound Energy, and are well on the way to completing the hours to donate the money.

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